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Anthony Giovinazzo

President and Chief Executive Officer, Director

Anthony Giovinazzo is a Director and the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation. He is an experienced Biotech CEO with more than 1 8 years of experience in international pharmaceutical drug development, private and public financings, and M&A transactions. Mr. Giovinazzo has successfully managed Pre-1ND, IND/CTA, end of Phase 1-2, CTD/NDA submissions and negotiations with FDA, EMEA/CPMP. He has identified, licensed, and overseen the development of eight biotech drug development candidates, pre-clinical to Phase 3, for the treatment of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, anxiety, neuropathic pain, and nausea. Mr. Giovinazzo led the sale of Nova Molecular Diagnostics to Variagenics Inc. through the public listing of Variagenics that resulted in significant above-average returns to investors. As CEO, he also led the acquisition of Cita Neuropharmaceuticals by Vernalis Plc., which resulted in a substantial multiple return to venture investors. Mr. Giovinazzo holds a Chartered Director (C.Dir.) and Audit Committee Certification (A.C.C.) from The Director’s College, where he is also a faculty member. He is also a business advisory board member of the National Research Council of Canada’s Genomics funding program. He is one of the inventors of the original APL-130277 intellectual property that was acquired by the Corporation.

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