The Effects of Penis Enlargement Methods on Penis Size

From the dawn of the civilization, Penis has been the proud possession of any Male. Other animals don’t have sense about the size of the penis. But, we humans have a sensitive mind towards the size of the penis.

The size of the male organ is a matter of deep concern. Men think that if they have a big and long penis, they will be more attractive towards the women. It’s thought that a long penis can satisfy a woman more.

Medical Penis Enlargement Tools Like The Traction Device are the Gold Standard

Fortunately, for men who are severely lacking in their penis size, their are safe, natural methods that can be employed to elongate their penis permanently.

One extremely popular method, “penile traction therapy” utilizes tools called “penis extenders” to accomplish this task.

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But, how long a penis should be?

Perhaps, this is the most searched question. The answer to this question is not short. There are many things to consider before you jump to the conclusion.

What should be the ideal size of the penis?

Well, different countries have different penis sizes. It depends on the climate and the weather of that country.

For example, Asian people don’t have a large body and dutch people have a long structure.

If you consider these variations, then the calculations over the size of the penis may seem less puzzling.

Now, a healthy penis should always go with the average penis size of that country. But, there are exceptions. Some people may have a large penis and some people may have a small penis.

Which one is a small penis?

There are two types of measurements. A male organ should be measured when it’s flaccid and when it’s erected.

If your penis is below 1.6 inches in the flaccid condition and if it’s below 3 inches in the erected condition, then, you may have a small penis.

But, if you are not so tall (below 5 feet), then it’s an average size penis for you.

What’s the size of a Big Penis?

A big penis should always be above 5.8 inches when it’s in the erected condition. In the flaccid condition a big penis should have a height around 4.3 inches.

In reality, an average size penis has a height around 5.6 inches and a girth around 4.8 inches. The measurements can’t be put exactly as there could be many things to consider.

According to a study, South American people have a large penis size.

How to measure your Penis?

Take a small scale and shave around your penis. When your penis gets full erection, keep the scale at the root of your penis and touch the inner bone.

Then, with the help of a tape you should measure girth of your penis. You can repeat the same process when your penis is in flaccid condition.

Can your penis size really satisfy a woman?

If you think that a large penis can satisfy a woman, then you are wrong. If you have sex with a woman with a big penis, the woman may not like you.

In reality a large penis is not so satisfying. It can cause a severe amount of pain.

Only a penis with a good girth and an average height, can satisfy a woman.

To sum up, it can be said that you should’t try to increase your penis size artificially. You should be confident of your natural penis size. You should always remember that an average penis size is the healthy penis size.